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Bachelorette party

Hen party at Urban Wellness Zone – a celebration, you will remember for many years! Get a huge portion of positive emotions and have some good time with your friends!

We will be happy to help with the organization of bachelorette party of your dream!



Urban Wellness Zone gift card is a perfect present for everyone! Get unforgettable vacation in the center of beautiful St. Petersburg!


Express facial care. Includes surface peeling, mask massage, application of active serum on your skin type. Allows you to quickly achieve the WOW-effect.

The procedure is ideal before essential events, after a long flight, or in any situation where you need to look stunning!

30 min
4 000


This special treatment for your face is an effective solution to various problems. You will get: rested fresh color, smooth radiance and higher skin tone, fortified oval face, good health and a surge of strength.

30 min
4 200
60 min
6 000

Deep moisturisation HYDRAMEMORY™

Guarantees immediate and long-lasting hydration for 24 hours, restoring smoothness, elasticity, and radiance of the skin. It helps to strengthen the epidermal barrier, promotes proper diffusion of water in all layers of the skin.

60 min
6 000

Double renewal ARCHI-LIFT™

Combination of peeling system, peptide complexes and exclusive ARCHI-LIFT technology to correct structural skin aging. Effects on the three essential elements of the skin-water, proteins, and lipids - for active lifting from the inside.

Double peeling system without risk of irritation and recovery period.

60 min
6 200

Active lifting ARCHI-LIFT™

A synergy of peptide complexes and exclusive ARCHI-LIFT technology to correct structural skin aging. Innovative two-phase peel-off mask and the exclusive lifting massage. Peptide complexbotox-like effect and skin radiance.

75 min
7 800

Active delux lifting ARCHI-LIFT™

Complex acids, modular peels, innovative peptide peel-off mask, lifting massage ACTIVE LIFE and before light-massage - for the multilevel correction of age changes of the skin.

75 min
8 500


Cleansing and restoring skin balance treatment for all skin types. The procedure significantly reduces the size of the pores, improves skin texture, balances the sebaceous glands and increases the level of hydration.

60 min
6 000


The procedure significantly reduces skin pore size, increases the level of hydration. It includes surface peeling, mechanical cleaning of pores and unique pore-reducing mask.

75 min
5 000


Program for intensive lifting, toning up and giving a clear contours of the face.

30 min
4 500


A combination of two active complexes, an intensive renewal of the skin, increasing its elasticity and tone, instant lifting of the face contour.

60 min
7 000


An intensive rejuvenation and restoration, deep hydration.

30 min
4 500


A program for post-laser skin care, a deep regenerative effect and a reduction in superficial redness and skin irritation.

30 min
4 500


Deep cleansing and skin renewal. Active ingredients ensure smoothness and radiance of the skin from the inside.

30 min
4 500
You could complement any Facial Treatment with:
Face Massage 20 min 2 000р
Face Massage 30 min 3 000р
Ultrasonic Cleaning 2 000р
Oxygen Spray 1 200р
Microdermabrasion 2 800р
Facial Scrub 1 000р
Alginate Mask 2 000р
Collagen Facial Mask 2 800р
Collagen Eye Mask 1 500р
Cream mask 1 200р
Enzyme Peeling Mask 1 500р
Ampoule Concentrate 600р
Eyebrow correction with tweezers 1 000р
Eyebrow correction with wax 1 200р
Eyelashes coloring 2 000р
Eyebrow coloring 1 000р
Henna eyebrow coloring 1 500р


Effective complex care will restore elasticity and firmness of the skin. Bi-phase cream and gel mask: compaction and saturation of the skin, increased hydration, reducing existing stretch marks, recovery, and antioxidant protection. Suitable for pregnant women.

90 min
8 500


Bagni Di Pisa seaweed mask with thermal water and a mixture of essential oils: detoxification - anti-cellulite and lipolytic action, nutrition and strengthening of the body skin.

90 min
8 500


An ancient ritual of recovery, cleansing the body with a volcanic scrub, inspired by the traditions of ancient cultures. Gives the skin a silky and instant feeling of perfect comfort.

60 min
6 000


Up to your choice it could be either a very light delicate variant for sensitive skin, or intensive enough massage scrubbing.

30 min
3 500


Local blood circulation and lymph flow are improved, thereby increasing skin elasticity and elasticity, improving skin quality.

60 минут
6 500
75 минут
7 500

Modeling Treatment ODEMACEL

An intense program aimed at tonic lifting and curing of problem zones on your hips and buttocks. The results of clinical studies prove a decrease of cellulite upon one treatment. (Cleansing the skin with peeling, bandage wrapping, lymph drainage massage, finishing cream).

90 min
9 000

Ginger Wrap

One of the most popular and unique procedures. The program includes the application of an invigorating mixture of a crushed ginger root, wrapping, and massage, based on warm essential oils. Ginger root has restorative and anti-inflammatory properties, has a stimulating effect, improves blood circulation, thereby providing a rejuvenating effect.

100 min
10 000


A magical 5-step treatment from La Sultane de Saba to relax and invigorate your skin.

Deep cleansing of the body with traditional black soap, scrubbing, wrap with mineral rich brine and moisturizing, followed by a light massage.

120 min
15 000


The massage session begins with paraffin wrapping of your feet enabling to prepare your body for total relax. Unique massage with unforgettable feelings is an ideal choice for the first try of Urban Wellness Zone services.

Varying intensity on your preferences will help to achieve a healing effect. Such treatment evokes the strongest impressions of your body care. Our unique massage exclusively combines different massage styles and used for your body rejuvenating as well as energy regenerating.

60 min
7 000
75 min
8 000
90 min
9 000

30-minute Renewal

Massage of body zones for those who are in a hurry. It contributes to relaxation and general health improvement.

30 min
4 000

45-minute Renewal

Massage of body zones for those who are in a hurry. It contributes to relaxation and general health improvement.

45 min
5 500

Reflexology Feet Massage

Feet massaging for general relaxation.

30 min
3 500

Deep moisturisation HYDRAMEMORY™

Guarantees immediate and long-lasting hydration for 24 hours, restoring smoothness, elasticity, and radiance of the skin. It helps to strengthen the epidermal barrier, promotes proper diffusion of water in all layers of the skin.

60 min
6 000


Peptide complex – botox-like effect and skin vibrancy + modeling massage.

60 min
7 800


Sos-therapy for hypersensitive skin: reduction of redness, renewal, and restoration of the epidermal barrier. It is recommended upon medical peelings, dermabrasion.

30 min
4 200
60 min
6 000


Brasil bikini 6 000р
Classic bikini 3 500р
Brows/ Ears/ Nose 1 200р
Chest 3 500р
Stomach 3 500р
Back (a half) 2 500р
Back (full) 3 500р


Gel polish removal 1 000р
Nail polish removal 5 00р
Basic manicure 2 500р
Gel polish manicure 4 000р
French gel polish manicure 4 300р
Nail polish manicure 3 000р
Pedicure 3 800р
Intensive Foot Pedicure 4 500р
Gel Polish Pedicure 4 800р
Nail polish pedicure 4 000р
Nail extension 3 100р
Strengthening all nails with Acrigel 2 000р
Children's manicure / pedicure 1 500р
1 nail design from 600р
Full correction of 1 nail 1 100р
Repair of 1 nail with Acrigel 500р

SPA RITUALS BY [comfort zone]

Hands Ritual 2 500р
Feet Ritual 3 000р
Hands & Feet Ritual 5 000р


Short hair styling 4 000р
Medium length hair styling 5 000р
Long hair styling 6 000р
Evening hairstyle от 6 000р
Haircut от 3 000р
Hair coloring от 7 000р
Fusio-Dose Hair Care 2 600р
Resistance Spa-Care 3 000р
Scalp Homage 1 000р
Hair Mask 1 000р
Makeup of any complexity от 5 000р


Brazil bikini 5 000р
Deep bikini 3 500р
Classic bikini 2 000р
Lip/ Ears/ Cheeks/ Chin 1 000р
Armpits 1 500р
Hips/ Lower legs 2 000р
Legs (full) 3 500р
Hands (to the elbow) 1 500р
Hands (full) 2 000р
Stomach 1 500р
Back (to shoulders blades) 1 500р
Back (full) 2 000р


  • Please call or visit the SPA to make a preliminary reservation so we may accommodate your sheddule.
  • Please arrive at SPA 15-20 minutes before the scheduled time to check-in and prepare to treatment.
  • All treatments include using swimming pool, sauna, changing area and relaxation room.
  • Arriving late will simply limit your treatment, thus lessening its effectiveness and your pleasure. Your treatment will end on time so that the next Guest is not delayed.
  • You will need to fill out the Health Questionnaire for information from the SPA specialist about medical contraindications in case of your visit.
  • All our specialists are highly qualified. Our therapists will always use draping techniques to respect your privacy. You may wish to wear your own bikini or briefs, to comfort you our specialist will offer you a single-use underwear for the treatment period.
  • The SPA Centre Administration shall not be liable for your valuables left in changing are lockers, unless they have been provided to safe storage at our Centre administration.
  • Please don’t use the mobile phones and loud conversations as to keep the atmosphere suitable for relaxation.
  • Gift Certificate purchase is available for all spa treatments or at value amount. Please contact our SPA Reception for further details.
  • Luxury skin and body care products along with beautiful gifts are available at our spa boutique.



Urban Wellness Zone, SO/ St.Petersburg 8:00 - 22:00, 6 Voznesensky prospect, 190000 St. Petersburg, Russia

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